Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reasons I Love Entourage

Reasons I Love Entourage

1. It's trashy good fun: It's not exactly a show that usually resonates emotionally. However it's full of Hollywood, sex & money.

2. The irony of Adrian Grenier playing a huge movie star: As a teen girl who grew up in love w/ the guy (Drive Me Crazy, The Adventures of Sebastian Cole), he's still barely famous. Ask people who Adrian Grenier or Vinnie Chase are, they'll probably only know the latter.

3. Jeremy Piven: Everyone loves him for this role so this probably doesn't sound very original. I've been a fan of his forever & have seen him play many a jerk but he's still pitch perfect as Ari Gold.

4. Turtle: He's one of my favorite characters & I think he's cute. It's pretty awesome that by setting his character up w/ Jamie Lynn-Sigler the show has actually created a cool real life couple.

5. It's accesible: As someone who rarely has HBO or Showtime, it sucks to have to wait to watch shows until the dvd is released & then pay through the nose to rent or buy them. Yes, you can now watch many episodes online but it wasn't always so. Entourage has always retailed for an affordable price, under $20 right now so that even if you're tight on cash (I always am), you can buy & then resell it & not have to worry.